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We, Juzen Chemical Corporation will respond to the demand of out-sourcing with our certain quality assurance and variegated technology.

While the out-sourcings at each level of intermediates, APIs and preparations are aggressively and strategically deployed by pharmaceutical companies, we are confident of exactly responding to the demand of out-sourcing at any stage from new drug development to the drug already on the market with making the most of our experiences and know-how accumulated as a "Composer" in contract manufacturing of API or key intermediates.

Above all, with respect to the contract manufacturing of trial product relevant to new drug development, which is regarded as most important matter for pharmaceutical companies, we consider each of the following points is indispensable to meet customers’ expectation;

  1. first of all, speed and certainty
  2. high-technology for scale-up in organic synthesis
  3. GMP system enabling to provide highly reliable measures to respond, and contract manufacturing system for investigational API

Brushing up these foundations continuously, we wish to be helpful for you to develop your new drug which is intended to be internationally evolved as scheduled.

speed&certainty・Rediability・Scale-up technology

Our motto;
"Certainly, and Speedily with Reasonable price, as well"

  • In case of out-sourcing for the API to be developed globally, please be sure to examine our multi-purpose plant JPP-Ⅰ, JPP-Ⅱ and JPP-Ⅲ in compliance with GMP.
  • In case of HPAPI (Highly Potent API), Hazard Clean Lab in R&D and multi-purpose plant JPP-Ⅲ responding to containment can be utilized.
  • In cases of ultra-low temperature reaction, grignard reaction and hydrogenation, JHP dedicated to those reactions can respond to them.
  • In case of investigational drug, pilot plant in compliance with investigational GMP can be utilized.
  • At Analytical Research Center, kinds of analytical equipment are in place, with which secure quality control is implemanted.
  • Skilled and experienced staffs of R&D can respond to any needs from customers.
  • Concerning quality assurance, J-QS or Juzen Quality System, can certainly manage API or key intermediates which require GMP control.
  • "J-APIS" or Juzen's contract manufacturing Service for API, which has been completed on the basis of know-how obtained through actual contract manufacturing of APIs targeted at USA, Europe and Japan, can contribute to minimize time and cost which will generate in contract manufacturing tasks (from technical transfer to receiving approval).


Challenges and Opportunities
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Introducing manufacturing process design and scale-up examples using PAT

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