Company Identity


Juzen is continuously making efforts setting up a quality policy and behavioral guideline based on the company identity and corporate mission.

Corporate mission
+Quality policy
+Action agenda

Company Identity

Safety, Security, Reliability

Juzen prioritizes the safety and security for employees first and foremost by providing safe working environment. Through this environment, Juzen generates the valuable services and creates a strong relationship with our cutomers.

Corporate mission

Contribute for the health of people through our value

Juzen would like to contribute for society by providing APIs stably and delivering new drug for patients.

Quality Policy

Accomplish the satisfactions and reliabilities of customers surely by consistent quality improvement

Juzen received many satisfactions from customers by tackling quality improvement activity. Juzen will continue this activity furthermore.

Behavioral Guideline

  • 【Challenge】
    Don't be satisfied with the present! Always advance, continue challenging for the difficult things!
  • 【Fun】
    Grow together and enjoy working through Juzen
  • 【Think】
    There is no absolute answer in the world. Think by yourself and find out optimum answer and move forward with team!
  • 【Heart】
    Don't decide "impossible"! Let's have a mindset how to be possible!
  • 【Achieve】
    Most important thing is not only to think but also to achieve to the end!
  • 【Reliability】
    Respect associates and team and let's create strong team through the kindness and arduousness!

Juzen is moving forward through the challenge for some difficulties. Juzen is strong one team which can grow collaborating with company and employees.